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Title: Can't see videos
Post by: lfd on November 25, 2007, 01:52:00 pm
Hey fellows,

I'm banging my head on the wall right now. Here are the symptoms:

I finally managed to install a Radeon 9550 using the tutorial here (

I am only using the multimedia features at the moment: audio, videos...

I can without any problems see the list of songs and start to play them.

The problem comes with videos. With the default skin, I cannot see the list of videos, only a black square on top of it. If I click somewhere a video starts and I can see the video.

Now using a different skin, I can see the list of videos but as soon as I start a movie, I can only see a black screen on top of the video!

If I press F1 to go to the menu I can see the different menus and the video but as soon as I do a right click to hide the controls: black screen!

Does someone have any ideas of what to do next???

Also I use UI2 without transparency since I could make it work with it.



P.S: hardware used if it helps: