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Title: Intercom on windows system
Post by: mathewss on November 19, 2007, 08:40:28 pm
 I have just began to setup a system at my house and so far its going well.

I have a VIA epia M10000 as my core though it is not my router no do i think any such device should ever be a firewall.. I managed to get it up and just had to disable my firewall's DHCP.

 I installed from DVD and have only have some issues with packages but i managed to get the source downloaded and did a few adjustments to Motion and the pluto motion module to work with my security capture card from linux media labs (LMLBT4M) although it seems to work well i think an event callback method having motion tell pluto that a capture is done is probably better than the sleep it is using now.

 Ok on to my next problem. I dont have any other systems in my rooms yet just my kitchen and i want instant gratification : c ) so i installed the windows version on my wife's computer in her room and cool she can now see the external camera's.. Ok next i wanted an intercom so i dont have to yell upstairs if i need someone to lend a hand or do a chore.. Ok so a few questions.

pluto on a mac. my daughter has a macbook pro have not seen any referece to this yet anyplace.
second intercom. I cant seem to be able to make calls from my wifes computer to the kitchen or vice versa.

 Is this even possible?

Sean M

Title: Re: Intercom on windows system
Post by: darrenmason on November 19, 2007, 11:23:24 pm

The windows install that you have done just installs an Orbiter on the machine. The Orbiter is the user interface for the system and is designed so that you can have lots of them running on many types of hardware and they can control the functionailty in any room.

A fulle Media Director machine will only run under Kubuntu 7.04 and is the software that has things like the softphone and media functionality (plus more).

There is currently no implementation on Windows or Mac. That is not to say that there can't be in the future.

You could network boot your wifes machine and it would then become a Media Director. This would not harm the Windows installation on the hard drive.

There is plenty more information in the wiki pages.

Title: Re: Intercom on windows system
Post by: Heiermann on November 20, 2007, 01:01:10 am

I would recommend to set up two virtual Machines using Xen.
Then you can switch between your Mac and the Linux-Ubuntu serving LinuxMCE.
I have no experience with MacOS. But here Xen works great with WinXP and Ubuntu on my Vaio Notebook.

Title: Re: Intercom on windows system
Post by: mathewss on November 21, 2007, 05:46:51 pm
 Actualy that would be an excellent way to go or even run VMWare. Only problem is that Xen will only run XP if you have an AMD with VT support or an intel chip with VT support. I happen to have tried Xen on my main house system ( no its not my core ) it has the Intel 940 chip not to be confused with say a consumer grade 945. Xen worked '''ok''' but not as well as i had hoped. I was not able to boot say a image software like Acronis. This to me was a big problem not being able to backup or restore my systems. So doing any PTV work was almost impossible with Xen. I ended up running vmware workstation and under that system i run a few virtuals such as a misterhouse a perl based home automation system on w2k.

 My hope is to be able to write a module to interface misterhouse and linuxmce.

 I think the pxe boot idea is probably what i will go with at this point. I do have my wifes box as a wireless node so i will have to first put more holes in the house to get her computer hard wired. She did not like it what i told her this  ;D

 Anyway thats everyone for your responses i have a plan now.
Title: Re: Intercom on windows system
Post by: Zaerc on November 21, 2007, 06:29:49 pm
If you only want the remote orbiter with an added intercom on windows, I suppose you could just install a SIP softphone under windows and configure it to use LMCE's Asterisk.  And I'm sure there are SIP soft phones for the mac as well.