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Title: Simple question
Post by: bulek on October 23, 2007, 08:46:47 pm

I'm trying as much as I can to help to get LMCE on the feet (not much on codebase but on other things). I also very much appreciate efforts of guys that are doing major job, so don't get my question wrong. it just keeps crossing my mind, and I think it has some simple explanation.

How does it come that we have a release out, but we don't have build process for it ? Has some machine crashed ?

Thanks in advance and thanks all contributors for help,


Title: Re: Simple question
Post by: chewi on October 24, 2007, 04:14:59 pm
Hi bulek,

from what I know so far, webpaul made just about every change there is in LinuxMCE from plutohome and adapted it to kubuntu. He started off with a fork and at some point merged his stuff back into the plutohome-servers where there was a nightly builder.
Unfortunately he never said how he build the stuff from scratch. I don't know if he even tried it himself as he once said he copies the libs from a running system to a modules build-env and then compiled the module against those libs and inserted the module to the running system... (don't know if that was only for single-module-testing)
So all we have are the ubuntu-helper-scripts from the repos and those few infos...

Right now a bunch of brave knights are fighting their way through the code to give us all the oppurtunity to build our own core and orbiter and stuff from scratch, without the libs of a running system and with a somewhat fresh community sqlcvs. From that point on, when we have the basis and the understanding of the code structure within various heads (and not only pauls, that unfortunately cannot be opened or serialized) we can get things going with organizing the code (maybe the structure) and work with distinct components in debugging and development. And then we will also have and actual LinuxMCE-Community-Release (for which e.g. 0804 with it being LTS and KDE4 would be nice, but that's only my oppinion)...

Paul did an awesome job at what he did (coding), but he made it hard for the rest, now that he's not around (missing documentation)...

Best regards,
Title: Re: Simple question
Post by: david_a_dawson on October 26, 2007, 01:49:24 pm
Paul is not around? What happened to him?
Title: Re: Simple question
Post by: chewi on October 26, 2007, 01:59:28 pm
Don't know... He seems to be stressed... According to his posting, DanielK called him today as he was worried as well... They might talk a little more tomorrow... Maybe that will clear things up...