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Title: 1.1B2 Issues with DVB-C/Install Issues
Post by: Xenu on June 14, 2007, 04:50:24 pm
Hi all,

Some background info on my hardware :

Abit IC7 Max 3 Mobo / P4 3GHz / 1 GB DDR / Rad9600

I wanted to give my issues and see if anyone has a workaround or suggestions.
I've been trying this for some days now and am about to give up.

1) Installing... on a couple of occasions during the install my network has died- easy to resolve but a pain nonetheless
2) Installing... asks about libdvdcss stuff. I choose install and i get an error that it failed to cache.

And now on to my "main" problem. I have a technotrend C1500HD DVB-C tuner card.
As far as I can tell, Kubuntu recognizes the card but does not appear to assign a /dev/videoX to it
MythTV says failed or cannot connect when  I try the list of cards (I now the correct one I should choose now)

After some serious late night poking around (which I have yet to replicate) I managed to
access the web admin page and add the TT tuner to the devices, inside MythTV If I go
to information centre I see "Tuner1" but I cannot get it to work still.

Now I cannot get Tuner1 to re-appear in the information menu despite the fact
the TT card is still configured in the web-gui. Other times, mythtv gives me crap about
all the inputs being in use and I should stop a recording even though nothing is recording.

Does anyone have a guide/tips on installing MCE with a TT C1500?


Title: Re: 1.1B2 Issues with DVB-C/Install Issues
Post by: sharlee_angelo on June 14, 2007, 05:12:10 pm
i don't know if you read this but i found a good how-to about dvb cards in linux. and it seems that your card is supported. here is the how-to: (