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Title: When is next release scheduled ?
Post by: archived on January 04, 2005, 07:18:50 am

sorry I don't want to be pushy in any way. But would kindly ask how are things going with next release and when it'll be out.

Also a small suggestion: it would be convenient if Aaron could once a week or 2 weeks post a little notices about progress, recent developments, etc...

At the moment I'm busy with Ph.D. thesis, but will be back in 2 weeks. I'll purchase mobile phone and there will be now way back anymore :-)..

Is there any progress on commercial licensing for Pluto (reselling turn key solutions for 1 man bands like me) ?


Title: When is next release scheduled ?
Post by: archived on January 04, 2005, 03:05:46 pm
Hi Rob,

Our goal is to do a release every Friday.  We were closed between Xmax and NY, though, so the next release will be this Friday, the 7th.  In our support website, if you choose "About", "Versions", it lists all the changes in each release and what's coming in the next release.

There should be quite a bit for you to use in 2 weeks.  Right now, with the 12/23 version, we have the mobile phone working, the tablet working, the media (playing music, movies, and watching tv).  But there are a lot of bugs and memory leaks which particularly prevent the Orbiter from running non-stop--it doesn't have a lot of memory in the first place.  At the moment, all the programmers except one have stopped writing new code as of the first of the year and we are working just on bug fixes for the next couple weeks so that we can have a very stable version.  After that, we are going to put a couple programmers on a Windows-version, and the rest will continue working on adding any missing pieces.

The version on Friday will include an update to our website with a dealer application, and more information about our dealer and reseller programs.