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Title: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: grindy on April 20, 2007, 09:37:16 pm
so my friend shows me this video of linux MCE...and i'm blown away by the possibilities...REREAD!!  THE POSSIBILTIES!!  so i install...on an athlon 64...regular i386 install...i get through it...and i have winfast tv 2000xp cards and an ati hdtv wonder w/ remote wonder plus...and an ati 9600xt....the interface works...router works....i'm tryin to configure through another laptop on the network...all that tv tuners remote wonder plus...nothin...i was under the impression that all this hardware would just work out of the box, as long as it works with linux....the tuners..ok...maybe they won't work...but i can't even get the remote wonder plus to work and i see and ati remote wonder plugin in the config!  needless to say...this thing just ain't ready's got all the bells and whistles, but it should come with an education and degree in rocket science, cause yer gonna need it if you want to install this system, let alone configure it..i'm no mac addict, but it does make you understand why apple wrote their own gui config panels for everything in OSX, despite it being a FreeBSD maybe someone can help me to understand my new toy?..
Title: Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: grindy on April 21, 2007, 05:11:27 am all day re-install after another....edgy...then updates...then linuxmce...and everytime....every F***in time....something goes wrong...sometimes the pluto repo is down...sometimes it can't install ATI drivers...but it's always something...i've made it through the install once today...and then tried to configure and that just crashed the whole thing re-install again....and run linuxmce...let it do my updates...and guess what?  can't get the pluto packages...and it's not the vim-common problem either...maybe in the commercial field, this package is a 1.0 distro...but not to the open source community...i'm in awe of the possibilities, but so F'ing frustrated i don't know if i can do this...what the hell am i doin wrong?  i even got this system to install on a dual pentium3/500mhz system and it worked...horribly bad, but it worked...but only after 5 can someone give me some hints?
Title: Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: Shawng on April 25, 2007, 01:47:11 am
Interesting!! I my self have been attempting an install and have nothing but progress. Yes I agree it was not as simple as one would dream, However the progress that the team has made is wonderfully. I Have been working with some of the support guys via skype and find them to be very helpful.

The fact that you did not seem to appreciate  the hard work that is already in play and continuing to move forward is not what compelled me to reply to this post. I found my self chuckling actually at the lack of respect for the hard work. I did reply to the post because I thought it should be noted that your unless gibberish actually did turn out to be useful.   

I ran the installer from the desktop 3 times after double checking my connection to the Internet and everything and remembered having an issue with mysql-client installing..

Get:4 edgy-updates/main mysql-server 5.0.24a-9ubuntu2 [39.7kB]
Failed to fetch  Connection timed out [IP: 91.189.8
8.31 80]
Failed to fetch  Connection timed out [IP:
1 80]
Failed to fetch  Connection timed out [IP:
1 80]
E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?
Fetched 9574B in 1m30s (105B/s)

ERROR : Failed to install and configure the base software


I tried to reinstall again and I chose the option not to have MCE launch on startup and told it to let me launch MCE manually. Based on your statement about DHCP..  and I'm moving forward!!!!

SO I guess what I wanted to say was thank you for taking the time to sign up and vent like you did.



Shawn G

There is no place like
Title: Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: mikeofaustin on April 25, 2007, 02:49:27 am
Well, for me... I whole hard'edly appreciated the work by the team that put this together... I think the idea alone is an awesome formulation of some very ingenious idea's and paradigm's.    If I had to give it any critisizm, it would focus on the video.  If nothing else, I hope the person from the video understands that at least one person (me) was frustrated and felt a little misled.

Other than that, I am really looking forward to getting some updates from the team. Until then, I'll sit back and troll, while trying not to peeve off any of the developer's... ;)

One thing I tried to do, in another post, is compound some tip's and tricks to installing this thing.  Look for it. It's messy, but a work in progress.
I did actually get it to work, but decided to wait, instead, for the updates, so I'll be myth'in it, till that happens.
Title: Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: Shawng on April 25, 2007, 10:34:44 pm
I would have to agree that the term "out of the box" was used a little loosely. I to was under the impression that the install was going to be simple. And that for the most part was very simple. It had bugs but with all the pkg's and configuration changes that need to take place I would have to say that the over install was not that bad. I was beside my self when I began to configure it.  I still have yet to get it working but I’m plugging away at it. I strongly suggest ( and I know you heard this before) using the help links during the setup. They seem to be very very useful.

The original post just sounded awful harsh. More like there was expectations for free software. I’m one that is thankful for the open source community. I don’t know a great deal about compiling my own code and son on. But I am aware of what it take (I don’t have it) and its not a picnic.
Title: Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: grindy on April 26, 2007, 02:10:03 am humble venting was a bit harsh....but i've been a linux user for ten years!  i have seen  the birth of the text installer on through to today...i love open source.  i love how fast development happens..updates and bug fixes in days rather than weeks or worse months, or for Micro$oft, never sometimes..i just felt very misled by that damn video...i killed a perfectly working windows MCE install for this thing.  I haven't had my music or media for days now.  but i too have made progress...from what i can see, you definitely need two network cards...using the dhcp functions are amazing...when they work...the trick is in the setup...running x server and mce makes for two instances of x servers running...want to conserve system the standalone install unless you need yer desktop to be a desktop too...but during setup, DEFINITELY DO plug yer internet into eth1 and yer internal network to eth0.  DEFINITELY DO manually configure yer external(eth1-internet) network and make sure it is static IP, then dhcp runs as happy as a pig in slop.  adding media also threw me for a loop...i installed automatix and grabbed their script for automount of NTFS/FAT32 drives...the moment i did that, mce found my secondary SATA drive and added it to the system..but the media took almost 5 hours to appear on a menu.  REASON: the menu is just a database..and empty database at first, and it takes time to populate it from yer drives and network.  Always run the myth tv setup from within mce/computing.  make sure you use the proper ip address for the database..i'm still not sure which one it is looking for... or or dcerouter or what?   my myth tv frontend still crashes out..setup with a ATI HDTV wonder...i also have a remote wonder plus that came with the tuner and it doesn't work with linuxmce either...i see remote listings for "remote wonder" but no "remote wonder plus".  maybe i can just change the code header for the remote wonder and make it work with my remote wonder plus. they are pretty much the same, except that the remote wonder plus has a 'ATI' menu button and the remote wonder doesn't.  how do i add my .rm files to the media database?...i have many episodes of south park in .rm format but they don't show up in my video list. if i can add my remote, my tuner with myth tv, and all, ALL of my media, then i'm done with the config and i'll be a linuxmce convert permanently.  I will say that my initial frustration led me into learning the ins and out's of this thing and now i can install and config on the first try, every time!  maybe someone from tech suppport can jump into my linuxmce setup and config my remote and tv tuner and media for me...we will see.  Once again, my most humble apologies to the whole linux community.  I forgot where i was for a second (microsoft land) and needed a good thrashing by my fellow users to bring me back.  Thanks guys.  I'm a jerk.  but i'm a jerk with a functional Linuxmce server/client setup!  :)
Title: Re: You Gotta Be kidding me!!
Post by: mikeofaustin on May 09, 2007, 02:00:56 am
Ya know... just for fun, I wonder if we could get that guy in the video to volunteer to make another video of himself getting tied up to a tree and a few people with nametags on their shirts saying "misled users", with tomato's in hand... and we'll, you know where it goes from there.   It would be good for P.R. repair.   ;)   

Believe me, I've wanted to yell and scream 10 fold of what you did...