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Title: Dianemo-Rpi2 - are you hoping to start a business in Home Automation?
Post by: totallymaxed on April 02, 2015, 02:10:59 am
Dianemo-Rpi2 Preview Release for Raspberry Pi2
A new Era in Smart Home Technology

As part of the Dianemo-Rpi2 Preview we are looking for people who are thinking about, or are interested in starting or expanding into the Home Automation installation business. You don't need to have any previous Home Automation experience or any familiarity with either Dianemo or LinuxMCE to take part in the preview. If you take part in the preview as a prospective new Home Automation installer then we will continue to ask for your feedback after Dianemo-Rpi2 launches and invite you to preview new features and options before they are released.

See our announcement on how licensing will work after we launch and what a great deal the Dianemo-Rpi2 Preview is here; (

With Dianemo-Rpi2 we aim to make setting up, configuring and customising Home Automation solutions many times easier than its been in the past. By bringing together super affordable hardware with powerful, simple to configure and customise software we believe we can provide a platform that can enable a new wave of consulting and Smart Home installation businesses.

In the past complex software and expensive PC based hardware were the big limiting factors to being able to build a Home Automation business. The other factor was that the market for Home Automation was small and limited to the wealthy few. But Moores law, and an overwhelming change in the level of awareness, and acceptance of the Internet of Things has opened up the market. Now the time is right for an affordable platform that can be customised, adapted and installed easily. We believe there is a market for this kind of Home Automation product, a product that can be installed at around the same cost as a professionally installed security alarm system. We like to think of Dianemo-Rpi2 as the Wordpress of Home Automation platforms - flexible, infinitely extendable and customisable with plugins and UI themes.

We would like feedback from you on how well the configuration & set-up process works from the perspective of setting up Dianemo-Rpi2 for a customer. We're looking for honest feedback on how easy, or hard you found configuring the system for use. We'd also like to hear about any suggestions you have for improving the set-up experience.

If your excited by Home Automation and you've been thinking about converting your hobby into a business then please sign up for our Dianemo-Rpi2 Preview using the link below and be one of the first of a new wave of Home Automation installers; (
(**Please mention that you are a potential commercial installer when contacting us **)

All the best

Title: Re: Dianemo-Rpi2 - are you hoping to start a business in Home Automation?
Post by: totallymaxed on April 17, 2015, 03:10:42 pm
If you are one of the many people who have sent us your thoughts on possibly starting a Home Automation / Smart Home consulting business we'd like to hear from you again in this thread.

If you are happy to share some of your thoughts or ideas in the open then please post them in this thread. I know many of you have some great ideas - so please share them here if you feel happy too.

Thanks again for everyone's feedback and encouragement too!


Title: Re: Dianemo-Rpi2 - are you hoping to start a business in Home Automation?
Post by: totallymaxed on April 17, 2015, 05:33:44 pm
See our post on how licensing will likely work after we launch Dianemo-Rpi2 here; (

All the best