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Title: cheapest frontend?
Post by: Hugolp on April 03, 2007, 12:23:46 pm

I am looking for the cheapest way of getting a frontend system for my lounge and my room while leaving the server with the noisy hard drive in another room.

I know the linksys media player (MS-320) runs linux, but I guess it wont be powerful enough to run linux mce frontend. Anyone know whats the cheapest hardware solution for runing a linuxmce frontend? (not too noisy as well).

Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: DrErling on April 04, 2007, 02:52:56 am
I have the same question. Is there a hardware-minimum/recommended overview anywhere?

(currently installing the system on a VIA EPIA 1ghz + 384mb ram system, using the onboard gpu)

Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: corwin on April 04, 2007, 03:26:57 am
(currently installing the system on a VIA EPIA 1ghz + 384mb ram system, using the onboard gpu)


I used to run a Pluto MD on an EPIA M10000 with the onboard video, using a custom-built kernel and VxMC accelerated graphics drivers, and it was still BAD.

Last week I got an Nvidia FX5200 PCI video card for the M10000, and it's now running the LinuxMCE UI2 with blending very nicely... so my recommendation would be: M10000 as a small and silent MD - definitely, onboard video - no way, LinuxMCE Hybrid on the M10000 - not if you can avoid it.

Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: herrdoktor330 on April 04, 2007, 03:43:49 am
Well... there are a couple options for you that I've been thinking on that you may like:

One... You could buy an AppleTV in a couple weeks as soon as they figure out the art of loading Linux on to it. They've already proven they can boot from the USB port and it should have enough power to do media playback to an HD TV. I don't know what the support would be for the remote under linux, but I'm sure you could use my wireless solution for option #2. (read below)

Two... I priced out a computer on for the same purpose. I ended up using a uATX mobo w/ semperon 3000+, 512 RAM, 80GB SATA WD HD, GIGABYTE GV-NX73G128D-RH GeForce 7300GS (w/ no fan), and Bluetooth Adapter for a Nintendo Wii-Mote. What I had priced out was $353.90 not including shipping.

I think option 2 little more beefy than an AppleTV. But the ATV is a little more sexy though. But those are my thoughts.
Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: Hugolp on April 04, 2007, 08:17:53 am
Yes, I heard that the AppleTV was hack and they put linux on it, but then Apple did something over the net connection and fucked the hack. Just rumors probably as I dont really believe that extreme. Anyway, well have to wait and see, but there is no doubt the AppleTV would be an amazing frontend. Stylish, small, silent, with hard drive and not too expensive.

I have been looking as well the VIA systems, because you can put it in a dvd-like case, but if you need and extra-graphics card it wont fit there and for the same size and price you can get a more powerful mini-ATX system. I guess thats the way Im going to go for now. Just a couple of questions:

I am very concern for noise, I am going to have one in the leaving room and another in my room. The system is not going to have a hard-drive, is going to be net booted, but I guess Ill need to change the fan to a less noisy option. Any recomendations?

And what about underclocking the chip so it doesnt get so hot? Any experiences?



PD: There is also a very cheap option: the Hauppage Media MVP its 99 dollars and runs a limited version of the mythtv frontend.
Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: thynk on April 04, 2007, 08:29:55 am
I found a pretty decent price on a mini-atx case and MB that looks like it will run.

Of course, that being said - i also just picked up a full used system in a mini-atx case for $230 shipped and another $60 for an extra gig of ram.

Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: DrErling on April 04, 2007, 11:32:00 pm
Ok, so the Epia-M prooved to be too slow. I got a used AN8 m0b0 (s939) and a xp3200+ cheap that I will use. Hopefully the XP3200+ is so "overkill" that I can underclock it a bit and run a silent fan-setup on it.

Time will tell. First I have to get the other missing hardware for a s939 setup.

Is there an official list of approved or recommended hardware for different setups?

Title: Re: cheapest frontend?
Post by: 1audio on April 05, 2007, 12:03:45 am
Even though it seems a cop-out and comes with stuff you don't need (disk drive, software) this box from Dell:
has a processor and a chipset that should work with no problems as either a core or a media director. And comes with a warranty. And its $359. As for media adapter type devices, there is a lot of work ahead to port LinuxMCE to run in one of those.