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Title: $37 - Dual core 1.6ghz RK3066 - NFS V3/V4 supporting boot via NFS
Post by: vaporwareinc on December 05, 2012, 07:35:20 am
In case people here haven't been following, there has been a lot going on with these 'Stick' PC's running Linux quite well now.

These are 2nd generation stick PC's without the overheading or bad wifi reception issues that the MK802 (amlogic based) units had.. this one's (mk808) specs are:

CPU:                                     Dual ARM® Cortex™-A9
Processor:                        RK3066 Up 1.6GHz
Memory and storage:         DDR3:1GB    Nand Flash:4GB
Size & Weight:                  4.0inches (L) 1.5inches (w)
Audio Type:                      Integrated
Graphics adapter:              Integrated
GPU model:                      quad core Mali-400MP
Video outputs:                   HDMI
USB:                                USB2.0 and 5pin Mini usb
Networking:                      wifi:802.11 b, g, n
Memory card reader:          microSD (up to 32gig)
OS:                                 android4.1 jelly bean

Here is a link where you can buy Mk808's with a remote control for $37 each including shipping:
I can't post links, so Google: inurl:www 6pcs-3pcs-RC11-3pcs-MK808-Android-4-1-Jelly-Bean-RK3066-1-6GHz-Cortex-A9-dual

That is if you buy 6 at a time... they are a bit more otherwise... There are several devices all well below $100 that use the RK3066 chipset which along with it's dual core 1.6Ghz CPU has a quad core Mali 400 GPU.

Not to mention there are really nice 7" tablets based on this chipset available for less than $100 delivered -- Great Android Orbiter!
On Aliexpress search for the Pipo Smart S1 tablet -- I just ordered 3 of them with 5 day DHL shipping for $99 each.

AndrewDB over at Slatedroid and ArmTVTech has released a version of Ubuntu Quantal running quite well on devices that use the RK3066 chipset
Google: "ubuntu-12-10-quantal-now-runs-on-mk808-ug802-rk3066-based-mini-pcs"

Some details AndrewDB on forum:

His system supports dual booting into Android (Jellybean w/XBMC 12 beta) or Linux...

Can the LinuxMCE media director code compile to arm, and potentially boot these puppies via NFS from the core??

HD will be problematic (for a while) on these due to the lack of code to leverage the inbuilt hardware video decoding, but SD content should be fine decoded by the CPU.

I'm a relative n00b at LinuxMCE, but am working towards setting up my new house with LinuxMCE, and would love to save several thousand on media directors where I don't need HD.