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Title: Slim Server Streamer - audio file format?
Post by: Armor Gnome on October 06, 2012, 10:34:37 pm
I am having some issues with my Squeezebox player since adding media to my core.

I went through my various drives scattered around the house and put all my audio together.  I then opened the shared directory of my core from an Ubuntu 10.04 machine which is connected to the internal network but not as a non-pluto machine. (ip > :.:.80.129).  This audio was in various formats including .mp3, .mp4, and whatever crazy format the iphone uses and Rhapsody converts it to.

When using an orbiter to send audio to the Squeezebox I see my full audio list and I can load playlists, control volume, play all, etc.  The issue is that each track attempts to play for about 3 seconds then moves to the next.  At first I suspected I didn't completely transfer the media and ended up with a core full of dead links.  This is was disproven though as I can play all of these files through other media directors in my home.

I have not checked the Squeezebox Player compatable audio file types as I assumed that the core would handle any needed transcoding necessary to feed its devices.  I would like to ask those who understand LMCE better.  How does the Slim Server Streamer and its child devices access media on the core, where is the decoding performed?  I have just installed 3 PCI Sound Blaster cards in my main (always on) media director and if possible I could designate one of those cards as a dedicated decoder for my Squeeze devices if necessary.

-On a similar topic related to my extra sound cards.  Could someone provide simple instructions on either setting up new Entertain Areas or separate audio zones to take advantage of these cards?  The instructions on the wiki are quite long and I worry may be outdated.  The purpose of these cards is to send unique audio from that media director to a simple stereo and out to locations I don't want electronics other than speakers.

[[ Media Director    | SB Live! |  SB Live! |  SB Live! ]]
                                |              |               |
                          [  stereo ]   [ stereo ]    [ stereo ] - eventually a multichannel stereo
                                |              |               |
             [patio speakers]     [ ent. area ]    [ bathroom speakers ] 
Title: Re: Slim Server Streamer - audio file format?
Post by: bongowongo on October 07, 2012, 09:22:59 am
I cannot provide help on your question, but I was wondering what type of speakers you use.
Title: Re: Slim Server Streamer - audio file format?
Post by: Armor Gnome on October 07, 2012, 11:17:03 am

I have 4 that I want to implement right away with this setup, to get them off my "use or throw away" pile.  Also I am currently not using the 2 rear speakers from the Home Theater set due to an odd couch location.  Basically the Home Theater ends where the kitchen starts, so the back of the couch is against the countertop extension/table.  We have discussed raising that table up 18 inches to bar height which would give us a place to mount rear channel speakers and place the USB-UIRT.  Plans for that are very back-burnered as there are many other areas that need attention before we start re-doing things like that.

Once set up (and now that winter is approaching in the mid-west, once Spring comes around) I want to invest in an outdoor capable speaker set to surround our patio area in at least 4 speakers in stereo configuration.  My bathroom plans are simple in-wall speakers rated or recommended for damp locations.  It is easy to tie the vent with the media player using z-wave switches and that bathroom doesn't get overly damp typically.

The speakers I have now are a matching set of Sony surround speakers bought second-hand without the receiver.  They are approximately 3.5" by 3.5" cubes with the standard single post mounting configuration on the back and press-down-push-in tabs for speaker lines.  I would need to pop the cover or pull the manufacturer specs but I would guess the impedance at 8Ohms, RMS probably low because they were standard fair Sony surround speakers...  200W?

Hooked up with my home theater's existing 5.1 set to play around with 7.1 they sounded pretty nice although a tad bassy. Not quite Bose bassy, they just seemed to echo lows more than anything else.  Hooked up in the 2 speaker per zone setup using an old analog stereo to push them, they will sound slightly better than an alarm clock radio I am sure. 

Quality in the bathroom is not much of a concern at this time.  It would be cool to have a symphony going on 7.1 digital for when I want to soak in the tub, but 99% of the time they will only be playing low volume "brush my teeth" playlist music which would start about 10 minutes after my morning alarm event goes off. 

The patio area isn't your standard all-facing-front entertainment area that takes advantage of surround sound effects like center speaker (capture your focus) and satellite rears (subtle effects that subconsciously attempt to help you forget you are watching a 3d image on a 2d screen) there are also environmental effects outdoors such as wind, road noise, the grill, etc that make high-quality reproduction of sound pointless IMO.  As long as they hold up to the weather and can pull playlists from my NAS and core then loud enough to hear is good enough for me.