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Title: TV series
Post by: Ozz on March 26, 2007, 11:02:00 am
I have a question before installing the soft.

Until now I've used Meedio and MediaPortal software and both of them have plugins for organizing the TV series, including downloading the info about each episode and attaching banners to the whole season and the series itself.

Since I have about 200GB of TV series, this feature is very important to me.

Does the LinuxMCE has it built in?

Title: Re: TV series
Post by: webpaul1 on March 26, 2007, 11:04:35 am
LMCE includes MythTV.  So that's a question for
Title: Re: TV series
Post by: Ozz on March 26, 2007, 11:41:10 am
are you saying that mythtv is included in LinuxMCE "as is"?
and why can't you just answer whether there is a feature of TV series? I believe you know the answer...

Title: Re: TV series
Post by: norcal on April 19, 2007, 08:28:07 am
This was a major question for me as well. I too have a large collection of tv series sorted into files such as series/season #/ episode# - episodename.avi

I have successfully imported some of my series with myth.rebuilddatabase and myth does a fair job of sorting them by series at least. It is going to be quit a huge task to add them all manually, however i can only browse them by series/season - episode in the myth screen. They are listed in the pluto/linuxmce videos list simply as SeriesName. For example it says i have 40 video files called Aqua Teen Hunger Force. There are no identifiers until you click on the file to get information. This seems really illogical. The sort by type function does not seem to work either. If i click on TV shows i get no files at all. Infact if i click on anything but "all" there is nothing in the list. There should definitely be an easier way of handling tv shows. Unless i am over looking something here. Any thoughts?