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Title: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: bwhitson on August 20, 2012, 06:48:43 am
Just got 10.04 beta up and running. - Had left the project for a few months due to personal reasons - ... The wife was bitching about unfinished projects.. and not the computer kind!!!

Any who...

Stumbled across the following link

Ok so i know that we a technically working from the KDE DM for the dependencies but I worked through the steps and was able to get Sabnzbd, CouchPotato, and SickBeard all running along side our trusty LMCE messaging system.

They all talk back and forth through the API.

My questions are

1. Would anyone be interested in WIKI pages that detail individual projects and the edits I had to make to get the processes to run root - which were not much but it is worth noting for the noobs (self included)

2. I am not all that good with HTML but I would think that it would be easy to put links to the localhost URLs on the main page so that an end user would only have to load http://localhost and click into each project?

3. If it is possible to install these pieces after the fact would it be possible to install them on the uptake? Each project is not but a few meg each. In total the ISO is 2.5 gig - drop in the bucket size wise.

4. The easy part - Put links in the computing tab to access the URLs?

I know we don't talk about ****** (self edited for Hari's sanity) but these are some awesome apps that utilize that service.

Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: acald on August 20, 2012, 04:30:50 pm
I had heard of some of these previously but never had time to investigate them.  These could be a very useful set of packages that really are providing a "crowd sourced" PVR.  Amazing.  I love it!

+1 . . . . .+2

Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: l3mce on August 20, 2012, 04:39:06 pm
There is nothing technically tying us to any DE. There is a lot of chatter about removing the desktop altogether, though we keep landing on no.

What should be done is to get these working inside of our environment. I would think we would add them like we do hulu etc in the web admin under software... and create an remote interface for them.

However I have no idea what these things are. Can you please detail what they do, how you got them working, and give me some screenshots? We have unfortunately entered beta, which means feature freeze... but there is nothing to prevent my integrating them on my end and submitting code once we finish beta. I know sickbeard specifically is of interest to a lot of folks.
Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: bwhitson on August 20, 2012, 10:25:56 pm

No problem... I'll start working up the Wiki pages for each project.

Brief rundown of what each is..

SABNZBD+ is an NZB downloader - - Self explanatory.

CouchPotato - Is a Movie locator for NZB files. Finds the NZBs for movie files and then sends them to SABNZBD for download and assembly.

Sickbeard - Is a PVR on crack.  This thing allows you to put in the TV shows you watch and then on a regular basis checks for new episodes send them to SABNZBD for download and assembly.

What the three do together is amazing.

The truly great part is that there are several applications for iPhone and Andriod that allow a user to control what each is doing.
I can tell my iPhone to add say The Big Bang Theory as a TV show to sickbeard. Sickbeard then asks me if i have any folders with episodes in them currently. Then it asks what seasons I would like to look for, finds them and begins to grab them.

I believe a script could be written to install all three.
The manner in which I was able to get couchpotato and sickbeard working was from a wget command so the extract and .conf editing could be done easily.

SABNZBD is another animal.  I'm going to have to take another crack at it.  I had to turn on the normal sources inside the desktop which then grabbed all the updates and screwed my install.  

I'll update shortly as soon as I get a chance to reinstall LMCE.



OK update - I know that was fast.

Just found the tarball for SabNZBD+ on sourceforge - I'll try to install from the tar tonight.
Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: fastie81 on August 21, 2012, 02:08:22 am
Hey Guys

I am running all this on my freeNAS,
It use the Jail concept for the apps to run.
I was reading that you can run that on an ubuntu OS to, but how I am not sure..
The only reason I am mentioning this is that you can run the apps in isolation from the OS so what happened to you when you enable the default source it can be mitigate.
here is the link so you want to have a read.
and I do second this combination. it is one bad ass combo..

Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: bwhitson on August 21, 2012, 03:05:11 am
I did at one time have a freeNAS box.
I never got into the Jail thing because I just ran SABSICKPOTATO (as i like to call it) on a seperate windows machine I had laying around.
It has since been re-purposed as a MD so I was looking for a way to run it on the server its self.

I like the idea of running the processes in a "sandbox" type of environment but I think in the long run if I can get SAB to play nice it would stream line the process of getting them into the next release. Maybe LMCE 12?

Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: bwhitson on August 21, 2012, 06:55:48 am
Ok got it all in there and back to the orbiter on my Core - BUT

Now I get this popup stating that some services did not start.
How do I check what services are actually running?
Title: Re: SabNZBD+ - Couch Potato - and SickBeard
Post by: m3freak on September 30, 2012, 04:11:34 pm
I had SABnzbd, transmission-daemon, and flexget running on my LinuxMCE 10.04 box for a while - worked great.  Then one day I checked out the OpenMediaVault project to see how it was progressing and decided it was time to give it a go.  Well, the test was successful (it's fantastic!) and I decided to move all the media download managers to the OMV box instead.  Actually, my OMV "box" is really a viritual machine (KVM to be exact).

LMCE would benefit from having these great applications integrated from the get go.  However, it's not difficult to install them on your own after the fact.

Oh, this little exercise also made me realize that I have to move to XBMC for my media management.  LMCE just isn't cutting it for me in this area and that's all I use LMCE for.  Thus, I'm turning my LMCE server into a KVM host and will virtualize LMCE.  A network bootable XBMC image will run from another KVM on the same host.  I'll still use LMCE for whole home audio (still to be setup) and other home automation coolness.