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Title: House down / up...
Post by: brononius on August 13, 2012, 08:33:22 pm

I'm able to control my 'eib buttons' with the template doorbell.
I can finally switch on a light bulb through LinuxMCE. Cool.

I now want take it to the next level.
When i push 3x the button on my backdoor, i want to shutdown everything (lights, outlets...).
When i push the button 3x again, i want to powerup everything (lights, outlets...).

What do i use for this? A kind of 'respond to events' and select all switches?
Or should i use a kind of 'away' status?
Title: Re: House down / up...
Post by: Marie.O on August 13, 2012, 08:59:58 pm
atm I don't think something like that is working, i.e. counting the number of button presses. At least not easily.
Title: Re: House down / up...
Post by: brononius on August 14, 2012, 07:39:37 am
Is there somewhere a way i can check the status of a certain 'light', and combine this?

For example i'm having the 'power outlet (light)' called "front door".

Or is it easier to work with the 'sleep'/'away' scenarios?
But i think it's the same problem, no?
Title: Re: House down / up...
Post by: sambuca on August 14, 2012, 07:50:32 am
You can create an event handler for this. Create an event handler for the sensor, and add a criteria on the device status of the front door (or the house mode/status, if you prefer that route).

LinuxMCE should already have created an event for "Leave home" that turns off all lights. It should do this automatically, although I can't find that event in my installation.

Edit: There are events for this, but they were taken away from the event pages in the web-admin 10 months ago as they couldn't be changed anyway. I would still like to see them though...

Title: Re: House down / up...
Post by: JaseP on August 14, 2012, 03:55:14 pm
I have a MCV Vera (primary Z-wave controller to LinuxMCE as secondary controller), and this is a relatively easy thing to do with that system (and can be very easily integrated as a primary controller to LinuxMCE's secondary controller, or vice versa, depending on what you want to do). Any similar "smart" Z-wave controller should be able to accomplish the same thing. What you would need would be a Wayne Dalton Wayne Dalton WDHA-12R - Wireless Gateway Module ($65 USD) and one or more Dalton KEP-IV - 372 Mhz Wireless Keypads ($40 USD). As for smart controllers, the most economical is the MCV Vera Lite ($179 USD). There's also a keychain fob that can talk to the system through the Wayne Dalton gateway. That's the easy way to do this sort of thing, without twisting LinuxMCE functions around to try and accomplish the same thing.

As for LinuxMCE doing it,... You'd want to use environmental or security settings to accomplish something similar,... But as Posde indicated, there's not really anything there for detected keypress combinations. I don't know if LinuxMCE can even respond to the Wayne Dalton gateway/keypad gear. The idea in LinuxMCE is for the environment to respond automatically to usage cases, like watching a movie in the living room in the evening (vs. daytime), setting away from home settings, Moving from one room to another, and having conditions follow you there, etc. I use the smart controller functions if the Vera for the kind of stuff that you're talking about.