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Title: 1-Wire Deployment
Post by: Techstyle on February 08, 2012, 07:05:52 pm
I have a 1-Wire interface and would like to get some input from other 1-wire users on how they are planning to expand this network, what wiring, how many sensors, types of sensors and parasitic or separate power.

So far I have Cat5e run throughout my house and therefore I was thinking of using 4 of the 8 wires for any POTS (telephone) network which leaves 4 for something else.  I was planning to dedicate 2 or 3 to 1-wire.

All these Cat5e runs terminate at a patch panel in my basement where I have dedicated 8 ports to connecting the same coloured wires together.  My sensors would give me temperature for Bed1, Bed2, Bed3, Main Bath, Living Room, Family Room, Garage, Pool, 3 season room.  I am thinking with this many sensors over a distance I am going to need seperate power and not parasitic power - anyone any experience?
Title: Re: 1-Wire Deployment
Post by: huh on February 08, 2012, 07:13:48 pm
Not quite this far, but I too have cat6a running through the house and would like to use that vs running new wire.  I was planning on following this wiring scheme: (

Which seems like you're going to need at least 5 wires (data to and from, power to and from and then a ground).  Although you're probably don't need the return power & ground and instead just have a floating ground (my hope).
Title: Re: 1-Wire Deployment
Post by: Techstyle on February 08, 2012, 09:20:39 pm
My temperature sensors are just the sensors, no board or connector or anything, just chip with 3 leads = Data, power and ground. therefore I was going to connect in only pins 2 (+5V), 4 (Data) and 5 (GND).

I have just read that the LinkUSBi has a power source available on pin 2 that can be switched on and off by software, I need to check with Hari if this functionality has been taken into account.  It would be nice if you could adjust the functionality of this in the devie template.
Title: Re: 1-Wire Deployment
Post by: DragonK on February 09, 2012, 07:01:31 am

I have a Cat5e cable from my LinkUSBi running throughout the house. I only use 2 of the wires.
I'll have to check the actual wiring when I get home, but what I can recall,

You can have upto 32 sensors on one bus, but I only have 3 atm.

Title: Re: 1-Wire Deployment
Post by: Gangsingen on February 09, 2012, 10:50:26 am

Currently I have a 1-wire interface working and two temp sensors connected to it. The setup is just temporarily installed, as is my whole LMCE setup. I donĀ“t have any idea if all this is possible, but I would like to use my 1-wire network to provide following information to the core.

- Temperatures in all rooms and outdoors.
- Humidity in my bathrooms.
- Motion detection in all common areas (areas in the house except the bedrooms).
- If it is dark or light outside.

With this information I want the core to:

- View present temperatures & humidity on orbiters. Temp and humidity graphs would be awesome to have available, not necessarily via orbiters, but in a web-based environment.
- When movement is detected in any common area except the bedrooms, the "at home&awake" lighting scenarios is activated.
- When no movement have been detected in any of the common areas in 30mins, the "away or sleeping" lighting scenarios are activated.

My idea is that the lighting in the common areas should be completely automatically handled 90% of the time. If I want some specific lighting scenario active, I launch it myself via orbiters.