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Title: Picture viewer
Post by: marrandy on June 30, 2011, 05:13:10 pm
I don't look at the  'Media-Pictures'  very often but after doing an  'update/upgrade'  on the 29th June, I decided to look at some pictures.

I have been seeing a number of issues and wondering if it is   'just my system'  or if they are consistent issues worth raising a ticket for.

My system is a hybrid, using a Asus M3N78-VM motherboard.  I have two DT366 orbiters.  I have a SAN containing pictures, videos and music but the flikr directory (pictures) is still on the hybrids hard drive.  10.04-LTS

My first daily flikr entry was the 8th April 2011.  I assume this is the day I installed the latest system.  I have been doing a update/upgrade approximately every 7-10 days since.


1)    The pics flashed up on the screen and then vanished using 'Media-Pictures-play all' from the dt366.  I did later try a reboot.  This issue, fixed itself overnight.  Although it randomly causes my DT366 to restart the linuxmce interface (Green block at the bottom, moving % marker).

2)    All my daily pictures under  'flickr'  vanished.  The next day, I had new pictures under June 29th.  But still the other daily pictures from April to June 28th are still missing.

3)   When I try to play a single picture, instead of 'play all'  nothing plays on the TV, nothing on the DT366

4)   When I select 29th June under   'Media-Pictures-Flicker-June-29'  I see the pictures on  the DT366.  But if I click on one of them, I see nothing on the TV or the DT366.  

5)   If I select as in 4) above, and then select delete, it asks me if I really want to.  But later, the picture will re-appear on the screensaver on the TV and when I check, its back under   'Media-Pictures-Flicker-June-29'

6)   When I use  'play-all'  on pics on my SAN, due to picture size, it puts Black edges on the picture - this is good.   When I do the same looking at flikr pictures, it doesn't blank out the edges but overlays it over the last screensaver (static) picture.  This is disconcerting and different than the SAN pictures.

7)  More...maybe.  I'll add more as I think of/find them.

The big question is, is this just my system or are other people seeing this ?

Can you please check your system.  Then update your system and check again and report back.

Thanks !!!