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Title: black screen on orbiters?
Post by: klovell on June 21, 2011, 02:45:56 pm
I have 6 orbiters (2 webdt, 4 androids), every now and then one or more of my orbiters stops responding.  I believe it's happening when the orbiters go to sleep because the screen is black and I can't get them to turn on.  The webdts screen stays black with the mouse pointer visible and I have to power cycle them to get them working again.  After a few minutes the screen is black again and I have to power cycle them again.  This keeps happening until I reboot the core.  The android orbiters starts with a black screen but then I get a connection failed message.  They too wont work again until I reboot the core.  This started happening once in a while (every 3-4 weeks) but has recently gotten more frequent (every 2 - 3 days).

I thought it was a wireless connection issue but from a laptop I can connect to the same AP and get to the core.  Besides that when the webdt's don't have a connection I usually get the linuxmce splash screen, not a black screen with a mouse pointer.  Also the android orbiter on my phone can usually connect over the Internet but if the orbiter on my phone is doing this I can't. 

I honestly don't know where to look next, has this happened to any one else?  Can someone suggest logs to look at?

Title: Re: black screen on orbiters?
Post by: darrenmason on June 22, 2011, 03:04:16 am
If it was just the Android orbiters or Web Orbiters dropping connections then I would say look at the ProxyOrbiter logs on the core, however that would not effect the webdt orbiters as they are native....

See what is happening in DCERouter log when you go black or lose the connection.

When the android orbiters fail does doing a reload router help or do you definately have to reboot core? Do each of them connect to different instances of ProxyOrbiter or all to the same one (do they all talk to different ports or the same one?)
Title: Re: black screen on orbiters?
Post by: klovell on June 22, 2011, 02:12:02 pm
Last night around 11:50 the webdt in the family room stopped working.  I checked the logs for dcerouter but I don't know what this means or if it's relevant.  Can someone translate?

01   06/21/11 23:18:23.004      debug_stream_end MediaStream::~MediaStream c1 1012/0xa44bde8 <0x8c6dfb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:09.234      Hulu Plugin CreateMediaStream Called <0x8c6dfb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:09.235      debug_stream_end MediaStream::MediaStream c1 1013/0xa44e8f0 source 91 <0x8c6dfb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:09.238      StartMedia Called <0x8c6dfb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:09.255      Problem with criteria for Event ID: 16 - result: ?? <0xa84fcb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:16.009      StopMedia Called <0x8c6dfb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:16.010      debug_stream_end Media_Plugin::StreamEnded ID 1013/0xa44e8f0 delete 1 auto resume 0 resume:  <0x8c6dfb90>
01   06/21/11 23:19:16.011      debug_stream_end MediaStream::~MediaStream c1 1013/0xa44e8f0 <0x8c6dfb90>

I figured maybe the core was too busy (don't know why it would be but just maybe) so I left it over night but it still wasn't working this morning.  As a test I shut off my AP this morning just to see what would happen.  The Webdt in the kitchen went to the LMCE splash screen after I touched the screen but the Webdt in the family room remained on a black screen with a mouse pointer.  I left it like that for about 10 minutes but it was almost like it didn’t notice the AP was missing.  When I turned on the AP the webdt in the kitchen reconnected and displayed an orbiter but the one in the living room stayed black until I rebooted it.  I’ll bet my next post it’s black again when I get home from work.

All four androids connect to a different port.  A reload usually doesn’t fix it.  It definitely doesn’t fix things for the webdt.  On that note, a reboot of the core itself doesn’t fix things either.  I have to reboot the webdt and/or kill the android orbiter, then reboot the core so it doesn’t go black again. 
Title: Re: black screen on orbiters?
Post by: klovell on June 22, 2011, 02:16:34 pm
Second thought, there are no logs for any of the orbiters and most other devices in my system.  Hard drive space for logs isn't an issue for me.  Unless it's a CPU intense task for the core to log everything can someone tell me how to turn on logging for EVERYTHING?  Maybe then I can see what's actually happening here.