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Title: HD-5500 Tuner - Trouble Tuning NTSC
Post by: lightkeeper on January 29, 2011, 03:48:45 pm
Using HD-5500 Hi Definition Television PCI Card - pchdtv - card tunes Comcast Cable High QAM-256 ok.

Comcast is moving to digital transport only and is giving out Digital Transport Adaptors which tune all the digital channels you are entitled to and outputs a signal NTSC on ch03 or 04.  Thought I could use this with the Linux MCE to get more channels.
Tried installing the Comcast DTA DCI105COM1 which has output in NTSC ch03 or 04.  Am able to get the video in Black and White only and no sound.
Tested the DTA output by plugging into a VCR -- output is fine ch03 color pix w sound -so its not the Comcast box.

Anyone get HD-5500 to tune NTSC signals?