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Title: DVD rip stopped working
Post by: willow3 on October 29, 2010, 09:57:47 pm

I decided to take the effort and rip my dvd collection for convenience, using the built in ripping functionality in MCE. After successfully ripping four DVDs I decided to also rip an audio CD. I should probably not have done that... After this the DVD ripping does not work. Linux MCE does not recognize one single DVD, when I select rip it sets title "Unknown". Subsequent ripping fails. When I look in the web admin I find an error message "error writing to /home/public/data/video/bla bla". Audio CD ripping still works. I rip to the same drive so its not the HDD that is messing with me. The DVDs are recognized correctly in KDE. I can open them and browse the file system. It seems to be a MCE problem. Rebooting the core and the MD does not improve the situation. I also tried deleting the audio files I ripped and resynchronize the media files. No improvement. It does not complain about libdvdccs.

Does anyone recognize this problem? Is DVD recognition and ripping known to be error prone?

I have been using the system for about a month now and I must say I'm impressed by what you have accomplished! So I hope to get passed those initial hurdles... :-)

Title: Re: DVD rip stopped working
Post by: willow3 on December 01, 2010, 10:21:09 pm
I think it is the same problem as described in (

and in (

Did someone solve this issue?

I also suspect copy protection prohibits proper ripping. Many DVDs rip 3-5% and then reports error. I can play all of my DVDs, but only rip a very small percentage of them. Is this normal? Does newer copy protection break the LinuxMCE ripping?