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Title: TiVo custom orbiter screen crashes DCErouter (#851)
Post by: esev on October 18, 2010, 10:26:59 pm
When support was added ( for the Series 2 TiVo, a new Orbiter screen was added to control some of the special features of the device.  When the entry for these screens was added to the MediaType_DesignObj table in pluto_main, the UIVersion field was left blank.  See ticket #851 ( for details, but the end result is that DCERouter is crashing as it is exiting.  Is anyone familiar with the custom HADesigner screens for the TiVo Series 2?  If so, are they built for UIVersion 1?

Sorry for cross posting this on the forums, but I thought it might get the issue to a larger audience in hopes someone might be able to fill in the missing information so the ticket can be resolved and closed.