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Title: Is it possible ?!
Post by: Volkerm on July 12, 2010, 02:05:43 pm
Hi guys !

Now i´ve got enough money to buildt me an MC-PC !

But I had had big claims !:

So, is it possible ..... :

- to watch HD-Rom and Blu-Ray Movies in FullHD ? (I want to buy such a drive)

- to insert 2 HDTV-Sattelite Cards, to watch per 1 Card TV and record another Movie (or something else) by the other card ?!

- to burn recorded Movies, Series or anything else on a normal COD or DVD ?!

- to watch movies by an WWW-Stream ?!?

- to switch the PC on by the remote control ?!?

- to record Movies by the EPG ?!? That i can programm the EPG and the MEdiaCenter start up/wakes up from standby and record the programmed movie automatically ?!!

Now, that are many claims......

I thank you for the answer !

Title: Re: Is it possible ?!
Post by: posde on July 12, 2010, 04:40:02 pm
BluRay is a deal breaker (at least if you want to stay legal, and/or want to play direct from a disk)
www streams are not supported, at least not in a usable fashion.