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Title: Mythtv No Lock
Post by: jayzee on June 10, 2010, 09:41:47 pm

I am having problems with myth tv and a No Lock issue.

I can get mythtv to work sometimes and then after a while I will  get a no lock error which means I can't see any of the channels.

I have just had a new roof ariel put on the roof and get a signal of 80% but although there are now more channels when I do a scan i still get the no lock message happening.

I have a kworld 399u usb stick tuner and this glows looking as though its on and can get a good signal but then it will go off.

To try and get it to find the channels again I have to restart a few times.

what does this error mean? how can I not get a lock when I have 80% signal and I can get the channel sometimes and not others?


Title: Re: Mythtv No Lock
Post by: b4rney on June 11, 2010, 02:38:15 pm
I had an issue with the 399u where only one of the two tuners was available.

My fix was to reboot and move the 399u to a different usb port. This resolved my problem. Hope it helps.