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Title: Programming Task: Create new Bluetooth DCE Device
Post by: tschak909 on May 16, 2010, 07:51:27 am
A new Bluetooth DCE device should be created.

This should use the Bluez4 stack. Initially it should perform:

* Hardware Detect Bluetooth Devices, and emit Device Detected events.
** Device Detected events should fill out as many of the event's fields as possible, including device category so that we can detect based on device TYPE, rather than looking for specific devices.
* Proximity Detection of Bluetooth Devices, Sensor Tripped events.

Use BluetoothProximity's logic as a basis, but please, rewrite it as a C++ device. The idea here is to use the same techniques in that program, but do it in C++, and emit DCE events from it.

Ideally this should be structured so that we can add additional classes to handle more device types. This will become the replacement for Bluetooth Dongle.

Once this works, we can pave the way for other pieces, such as proper presence detection, follow me, etc. to work on a wider variety of phones, and not have to be paired to the orbiter architecture.

Anyone want to take this on?