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Title: Problem with follow me - Xine and Mplayer video problem.
Post by: pw44 on April 27, 2010, 03:21:51 pm
My problem is when using the follow me feature. Playing a video (avi, m2ts, etc) using xine or mplayer working fine started on core/hybrid. Follow me - transfer the playing to the MD. Video is transfered, xine or mplayer started and the video plays stop - go - stop - go. Transfering back to core/hybrid, the video plays fine.
The same happens when starting the playback on the md. follow me to core/hybrid brings the same result: stop - go - stop - go... transfering back to md and the the video plays fine.
When using Live TV, the follow me works fine, with no problem.
Did anyone faced this problem?
I have posted the same question at, but no answer yet.
Is there something that i need to do to have it working fine?