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  1. Use in a museum?
  2. Possibility to check/uncheck all screensaver photos
  3. Raspody N35 as a Media Director
  4. MOVED: Adding new computing apps
  5. digital signage HowTo use LMCE for commercials
  6. ASUS EeeTop PC ET2002T Ion and Touchscreen
  7. Demo Server
  8. Linux MCE in german language?
  9. VPN support in PadOrbiter
  10. idea for new phone feature
  11. Vivotek Network Camera Support
  12. Intel Tru2way server streams cable all over your house
  13. Hardware equipment for my project
  14. MythTV Backend reset
  15. Automatic Playlist generation
  16. Multiple blinds - Zwave Merten
  17. Suspend Touchscreen Inputs
  18. Media Center CableCARDs freed from OEM requirement
  19. Support for modern Hauppauge WinTV tuner cards
  20. Add MAC address to Device Detected screen
  21. Future Advanced Lighting Control
  22. x86_64?
  23. Viewsonic VOT120 and VOT121 Nettops
  24. Would it be possible to run a headless Windows gaming PC?
  25. Google Wave
  26. Hauppauge HD PVR
  27. Script to recognize credits for movies/dvd
  28. Open Pogo
  29. Feature Request - Netflix WatchNow Support
  30. Better driver support for WPA Wifi-nics on the DT366 Webpad Orbiter
  31. Tranquil BBS2 Barebones Home Media Server
  32. RX8001 Wifi-IR-extender
  33. 10 Key Features in a Home Automation System
  34. Stream Video over the web
  35. Native HULU support for MCE?
  36. Show me the films I haven't watched in the last n months/days
  37. Stacked Core?
  38. MOVED: Tuner Card Support
  39. Make Wiki more user friendly?
  40. Picture update for picture gallery/Screensaver via email
  41. Standard artwork for attributes in a base install?
  42. Suport for other ditros?
  43. Graphics Tablet as an orbiter
  44. Billion specification and protcols and none of them is good? Help me pick one.
  45. The Future of Modern Lighting Systems
  46. Multi-room Sound Systems Even possible?
  47. DisplayLink opens up Source Code
  48. Meccano Spykee Robot...
  49. Community manager?
  50. Archos Internet Media Tablet