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  1. My Developer Appreciation Thread
  2. Easy way to isolate missing media and delete?
  3. NEW PATCH: Directory Button on Cisco 7970 DOES SOMETHING NOW!
  4. Hey check this out!!!!!!!!!
  5. New LinuxMCE release?
  6. What is the required programming skillset to contribute code to LinuxMCE?
  7. UpdateMedia possibly getting stuck - dev's, definitive list of no-no chars?
  8. How to get a message in that pop-up status window
  9. Can I make scenario to show something on Orbiter and get back to prev screen ?
  10. Calendar and other family time management features - how to start ?
  11. Wiki- can't create thumbnails today
  12. Nokia770/N800/N810 Orbiter and color of icons on the floorplan
  13. assigning squeezebox player to several EAs - shouldn't it appear in all EAs?
  14. Testers for Playlist Export functionality (.m3u, .pls)
  15. small orbiter patch to put exit button on maemo orbiter
  16. Symbian S60 3rd edition...compatibility....
  17. Permanent settings for alsamixer -alsactl store is not enough ?
  18. OT: How to efficiently track and log activities in LMCE house ?
  19. Compiling Orbiter for Vista
  20. Buggy behaviour with RAID devices- best way to deal with it?
  21. Xine suddenly ends play of avi file: ... no running seekers found....
  22. Multi core processing
  23. XBMC thread about LinuxMCE
  24. Mame Installation Instructions
  25. Orbiter compilation WinXP
  26. External Subtitles and Player Settings
  27. Would like to apply Freebox patch to libmyth under LMCE...
  28. Problem with some root http path names
  29. Custom kernel modules in LMCE
  30. VDR - What´s the development status of the upcoming features
  31. Scroll bars in web-admin
  32. Instant Messaging Functionality - Developer Notes in Wiki
  33. Really bad programmer volunteering
  34. Enhancing Flite TTS voice - anyone knows how is flite used for TTS under LMCE ?
  35. Orbiter on Familiar / OPIE
  36. How's Insteon working?
  37. Any purpose for automatic creation of several identical scenarios for each room?
  38. Working Build Process?
  39. Problem including traffic webcams into view camera scenarios using IP Camera
  40. Adding FULL support for other regions/country/languages
  41. In Development: Instant Messaging on the Orbiters
  42. Template for Nokia's Orbiter with exit button
  43. Visual Designers! Development Challenge - SmallUI Replacement!
  44. Purpose of "System Recovery" boot option?
  45. Router removing playlist entry upon reload
  46. Problem on triggering events on housemode change
  47. SVN over SSL
  48. Bug Fixed: 7970 phones now fully work. bi-directional push functional!
  49. How do you get a device's name?
  50. Brainstorming ideas for persistance across reloads/reboots