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  1. Hack for webadmin/media file sync: show only items w/o cover art
  2. Why nothing is displayed on floorplan for lighting devices (perhaps other also)?
  3. HA Designer Skins folder?!?
  4. CM11A - adding new lights...
  5. How to access device's state info from GSD ?
  6. Any Star Trek TNG fans out there... UI 1 Skin Idea
  7. Have just shown to my friends how my LMCE can freeze during avi movie play
  8. HADesigner problems with screen resolution
  9. Cyberlink HD video player accelerated video playback
  10. Brainstorm: how should blind/shutter be shown on floorplan
  11. Can I use patternmatching lib in c++ under LMCE ?
  12. Ruby GSD codes help
  13. Which Virtual Machine?
  14. LMCE/MisterHouse Perl Glue
  15. DCE device as a standalone ruby script
  16. Digging into Lighting plugin
  17. Adding more icons to LMCE in 810, so we can better support floorplans
  18. UI3 Discussion
  19. 'Chat' link doesn't work
  20. Location in the database for Media Scenarios?
  21. Source location changed?
  22. New trac bug reporting system and status of previously contributed templates ?
  23. A-B Repeat and extending playlist options
  24. Installation destination change for DVD install
  25. Problems creating new plug and play device
  26. Digging into the Archives: Discussion on DCE concepts.
  27. Deinterlacing PAL TV-OUT problem / recompiling for 710
  28. Orbiter Skins from the original version of Pluto.
  29. Which MOBO for newbie hybrid? (the ones listed are discontinued)
  30. ATI Radeon 9600
  31. z-wave device classes
  32. Is Data_Provider_Catalog_Plugin working for you over web interface ?
  33. correction on a line in /operations/mediaBrowser/editDirectoryAttributes.php
  34. windows mobile 6
  35. Simple pop-up dialogue - is this the right approach
  36. Has Chat channel moves somewhere else ?
  37. My Developer Appreciation Thread
  38. Easy way to isolate missing media and delete?
  39. NEW PATCH: Directory Button on Cisco 7970 DOES SOMETHING NOW!
  40. Hey check this out!!!!!!!!!
  41. New LinuxMCE release?
  42. What is the required programming skillset to contribute code to LinuxMCE?
  43. UpdateMedia possibly getting stuck - dev's, definitive list of no-no chars?
  44. How to get a message in that pop-up status window
  45. Can I make scenario to show something on Orbiter and get back to prev screen ?
  46. Calendar and other family time management features - how to start ?
  47. Wiki- can't create thumbnails today
  48. Nokia770/N800/N810 Orbiter and color of icons on the floorplan
  49. assigning squeezebox player to several EAs - shouldn't it appear in all EAs?
  50. Testers for Playlist Export functionality (.m3u, .pls)