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  1. Serial conrtoled matrix switches
  2. Power and energy monitor / logger (Arduino based)
  3. MySQL wizards: Need Help with MythTV query
  4. mkv selecting subtitles and audio tracks
  5. CM15A and LinuxMCE
  6. SmartQ V7 as a media playing MID in LinuxMCE.
  7. DIVICE DRIVER i think its very close to working
  8. Do you want to improve the UI but can only create textures? READ HERE!
  9. Using HADesigner: The Screencasts
  10. Java/ J2ME mobile orbiter
  11. New Languages
  12. Some comments on the "Building LinuxMCE 0810"
  13. Project VLC
  14. iPhone Orbiter
  15. Tester for updateMedia id3 unicode fix needed
  16. LinuxMCE's z-wave driver for a stand-alone system
  17. Programming Task: Detect VDPAU
  18. SymbianMO progress, call for S60v3 developers
  19. Reinventing the wheel
  20. Fresh meat.
  21. new language - Slovak
  22. Noob question about using a builder
  23. Discussion on true Multi-room Solution (continued)
  24. Starting to use 0810 version
  25. Willing to contribute on documentaion/site also revise the boot menu and install
  26. Programming Task: make dcerouter name automatically resolvable.
  27. LinuxMCE forum "Connection Problems Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the data
  28. Easy Developer Task: Running doxygen on source tree.
  29. Why is nobody taking on the programming tasks?
  30. Programming Documentation Task: Document DCERouter.
  31. Guys, seriously, are there no coders in here?
  32. Programming Task: Learn Clutter.
  33. Programming Exercise: Pandora support using Pianobar's code as a base.
  34. Android Orbiter
  35. noob wants to know a b c's of building divers for hardware
  36. Supporting the ACT Solutions ZCU201 USB Z-wave Interface
  37. help with building the windows orbiter from source
  38. Programming Task: Create new Bluetooth DCE Device
  39. Building from source
  40. creating template for logitech rumblepad
  41. Adding phpsysinfo to the admin site
  42. Voice control suggestions
  43. I am going to do my first steps and need help for that
  44. Remote API
  45. a Quick Glance, SmartQ V7 Orbiter.
  46. Help! - Device dies
  47. Programming Task: Modify UpdateMedia to support MyMovies metadata.
  48. Email/SMS messaging
  49. Task for somebody: Work on Bootup Process
  50. friendlyArm/mini2440 Orbiter progress?