Author Topic: mythtv, vdr, touchscreen and view from other media director??  (Read 1655 times)


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I'm already veeery happy with my home automation... now I struggled with TV drivers and worked as well, but I have now doubts if my usage intention is possible...

In some lonely room in lower story I have my lmce server and there the dvb-s cable is availabe... vdr works on media director in this server already (mythtv not yet although it found all channels in scan... but that's probably another topic).

what I would like to do:
in my living room (which has a media director without TV card) I would like to view liveTV stream and listen to radio programs, so that the server streams video to another mediadirector. The second hurdle is that in living room I have a wall mounted touchscreen without mouse or keyboard...

with VDR there's no TV signal... when I connect to server-MD from living room then I get a nice control interface, but nearly all buttons disabled (seems just to control but not thought to stream TV..?)

Provided I could explain what I thought is possible good enough... is it possible??
(I don't mind using vdr or mythtv or whatever.... any suggestion welcome of course)


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Re: mythtv, vdr, touchscreen and view from other media director??
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2008, 09:54:40 am »

VDR currently only allows LiveTV on the hybrid itself. This should change one day.

MythTV allows LiveTV on any system in the house.

Change your setup to use MythTV for the time being, and you will able to view LiveTV on any Media Director in your home.