Author Topic: Mythtv recordings not added correctly to Linuxmce video  (Read 1348 times)


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Mythtv recordings not added correctly to Linuxmce video
« on: July 06, 2010, 10:03:40 pm »

The recordings are added, but the Title and cover picture is missing, so the have names like 13003_20100706184300.mpg

Anyone seen this too ? is running :

Code: [Select]
07      07/06/10 19:15:39.988           Received Message from 0 (ESC[36;1munknown / ESC[0m) to -1001 (ESC[36;1munknow
n / ESC[0m), type 2 id 69 Event:ESC[32;1mMythTV Show RecordedESC[0m, retry none, parameters: <0x6d2e2b90>
07      07/06/10 19:15:39.988             Parameter 29(MythTV ChannelID): 13003 <0x6d2e2b90>
07      07/06/10 19:15:39.988             Parameter 35(Name): /home/public/data/pvr/Storage1 [27]/13003_20100706184300.mpg <0x6d2e2b90>
07      07/06/10 19:15:39.988             Parameter 57(DateTime): 20100706184300 <0x6d2e2b90>

also found this :

Code: [Select]
05      07/06/10 21:33:06.614           ESC[33;1mSocket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn
 Socket 186[0m <0x62acdb90>
05      07/06/10 21:33:06.614           ESC[33;1mTCPIP: Closing connection to -1003 (Router Dev #0) 0xaf9d8ff0 m_Sock
et: -1ESC[0m <0x62acdb90>
05      07/06/10 21:33:06.614           ESC[33;1mRouter::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0xaf9d8ff0 -1003ESC[0m <0x62acdb90>
01      07/06/10 21:33:07.599           ESC[31;1mQuery failed (MySQL server has gone away): SELECT recorded.chanid, r
ecorded.starttime, recorded.title, recorded.subtitle, recorded.stars, recorded.category, recorded.description,recorde
dprogram.hdtv, recordedprogram.category_type,, recordedrating.rating, recgroup, recordedprogram.seriesid
, recordedprogram.programid, channel.icon, CONCAT(storagegroup.dirname,'/',recorded.basename,'.png') AS screenshot FR
OM recorded LEFT JOIN recordedprogram ON recorded.chanid=recordedprogram.chanid and recorded.starttime=recordedprogra
m.starttime LEFT JOIN channel ON recorded.chanid=channel.chanid LEFT JOIN recordedrating ON recorded.chanid=recordedr
ating.chanid and recorded.starttime=recordedrating.starttime LEFT JOIN storagegroup ON recorded.storagegroup = storag
egroup.groupname WHERE basename='4809_20100705215800.mpg' (1)ESC[0m <0x91cfbb90>
05      07/06/10 21:33:07.599           ESC[33;1mResetting db_wrapper connectionESC[0m <0x91cfbb90>
01      07/06/10 21:33:07.621           ESC[31;1mQuery failed (): SELECT recorded.chanid, recorded.starttime, recorde
d.title, recorded.subtitle, recorded.stars, recorded.category, recorded.description,recordedprogram.hdtv, recordedpro
gram.category_type,, recordedrating.rating, recgroup, recordedprogram.seriesid, recordedprogram.programi
d, channel.icon, CONCAT(storagegroup.dirname,'/',recorded.basename,'.png') AS screenshot FROM recorded LEFT JOIN reco
rdedprogram ON recorded.chanid=recordedprogram.chanid and recorded.starttime=recordedprogram.starttime LEFT JOIN chan
nel ON recorded.chanid=channel.chanid LEFT JOIN recordedrating ON recorded.chanid=recordedrating.chanid and recorded.
starttime=recordedrating.starttime LEFT JOIN storagegroup ON recorded.storagegroup = storagegroup.groupname WHERE bas
ename='4809_20100705215800.mpg' retry: 0x7bbc3690ESC[0m <0x91cfbb90>
05      07/06/10 21:33:07.633           ESC[33;1mMythTV_PlugIn::CheckForNewRecordings couldn't locate file 4809_20100705215800.mpg.pngESC[0m <0x91cfbb90>
05      07/06/10 21:33:07.636           ESC[33;1mMythTV_PlugIn::CheckForNewRecordings couldn't locate file 13003_20100706184300.mpg.pngESC[0m <0x91cfbb90>



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Re: Mythtv recordings not added correctly to Linuxmce video
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2010, 11:52:35 pm »
afaik, there is a ticket open for it.
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Re: Mythtv recordings not added correctly to Linuxmce video
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2010, 10:36:42 am »
Hi Pos,

are you thinking of this one :

That is the picture missing - that has been there for a while. But now it also is missing the Title :(

Could not find any other ticket that would fit.

EDIT: I have added the new infos to the old case.

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Re: Mythtv recordings not added correctly to Linuxmce video
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2010, 10:25:18 pm »
I have this issue too and I donĀ“t have idea why this happens.. (screenshot attached)

My database is doing strange things.. files from MDs and aditional HDs appear on it and I follow the instructions on this tread ( to reset the database.. but all things back some time later.. (attached untitled 2 and 3)

well..if anybody know why this happens drop me a line.

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