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CCTV advice
« on: July 04, 2010, 05:46:43 pm »
I have a 'Higheasy 170X' 8 (or could be 16) channel H.264 capture card that I've put into my LMCE core.

Looking for the best way forward, in particular:

1. How to install drivers for it (and where to get them from??!) and test

2. What software is built into LMCE? (I know there is CCTV support, but is this 'out of the box', or should I be adding software to it. I have read about 'Zoneminder' which seems good, so should I install this if it isn't already?

Apologies if I'm wide of the mark, or missing info which is readily available here - I'm trying to assimilate info that I have picked up in various places and am now confusing myself; desperate for a little hand holding!